Distribusi Rilis: ArchBang Linux 2012.12

2012-12-08 NEW • Distribusi Rilis: Comfusion 4.1
A new version of Comfusion, a desktop Linux distribution that combines Ubuntu with LXDE and Compiz Fusion in order to deliver some of the best 3D desktop effects available anywhere, has been released: “Now available for download, the new version of Comfusion. New in this version: added full MATE desktop 1.4.2 (GNOME 2 desktop clone, seamlessly integrates with Compiz in Comfusion 4); added wbar with Token icons, individualized for each session; wbarconf, wbar configurator; TvenLinux, a script to view our online TV on Linux, also able to show programming; updated the Skype installer to install the latest version; Picapy, an excellent image manager for Picasa Web; Darktable, a free alternative to Adobe Lightroom for Comfusion 4; Launchy, a simple application launcher for Comfusion 4; Angry Bots, a shooter game with a new game engine Unity3D; added Apt-Fast, faster downloads; added Xscroll Overlays, a modern bar like in the latest Ubuntu.” Here is the full Pengumuman rilis. Unduh the compressed DVD image from SourceForge: Comfusion4.1.7z (828MB).

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